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Orange show

September 23, 2018

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The Orange show was held yesterday.

It was a good little show particularly considering the weather this season and the loss in the last month of two of the stalwarts in Orange.

Many flowers still to come and the warm weather in the last week with strong winds was not helpful to those who grow their flowers with no protection.  For us, midseason varieties are just coming on and I picked a number of rapture for the show on Thursday to give you a sense of the season.

Grand champion was lady Diana shown by Sheila Hodgson

Reserve was Oblique shown by Glenn Sheldrick and Chris Ryan

I took along a few poet seedlings and got Rhiannon to stage a vase of up to 15.  From memory these were all different numbered seedlings.

A seedling poet was also best miniature – this particular variety flowers about 45 mm at its max for us.  Unfotunately the smaller ones seem to multiply a bit slower than their larger siblings.

I had a number of other mini and full size poets on the bench

Some, like this last one, generated a bit of discussion on how to colour code them.  This variety consistently produces a white ring inside the red on the edge of the cup.

How should this be included in the colour code?






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