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Help identifying

April 23, 2019

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General

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Amanda Hallman is asking for help identifying this Daffodil. She says she lives in zone 7b. I live in zone 6b so this would be a very late cultivar. It sort of looks like a Helen Link seedling though the petals aren’t recurved.. Any ideas?


5 responses to “Help identifying”

  1. Bradley McCarson, South Carolina Bradley McCarson, South Carolina says:

    Perhaps N.. x medioluteus

  2. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Always the last to flower in my garden I would suggest N x medioluteus, N biflorus, Twin Sisters. 13W – Y


  3. Drew Mc Farland, Ohio Drew Mc Farland says:


  4. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins, North Carolina says:

    I agree with Bradley, David, and Drew.


  5. ADS Executive Director ADS Executive Director says:


    Please thank everyone who responded for me. I really do appreciate their input. I am going to research Twin Sisters now. Again, thank you for all that you did!