Ross Hornsby, Alabama

Identifying a small daffodil

April 8, 2019

Categories: Daffodil Types, General, Species

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I’m hoping for help in identifying this small daffodil. It blooms 1-2 weeks earlier than my N. jonquilla var. henriquesii and about 4 weeks before my late blooming N. jonquilla. The flowers are slightly smaller and more delicate than my other jonquillas, and I’ve never seen them except as one flower per stem. The foliage is finer, more straight and upright, almost like pine needles. They’re powerfully fragrant. I have it in a pot now but I dug it out of one of my daffodil beds. In 2007, I bought bulbs from and lost track of them, thinking they had died, but perhaps this daffodil is one of them that survived. The bulbs I bought from were labeled as N. assoanus ssp. requienii and N. willkommii. Could it be one of these, or another form of N. jonquilla, or something else?

Unidentified small daffodil

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  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    The perianth tube bends slightly upwards – a characteristic of N. fernandesii which is a slender jonquil type. That’s my guess.