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2019 PHS Daffodils web store is open!

May 26, 2019

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The 2019 PHS Daffodils web store is now open for the season.  Please have a look at www.phsdaffodils.com.  As ever, all orders will receive generous gratis bulbs—please indicate your preferences, e.g., divisions, color codes, season of bloom, classic, historic, fragrant, etc.   We aim to please!


If you are ordering on behalf of your local tax-exempt organization, choose the “mail in check” option, and leave off the included sales tax.  A copy of your tax exemption letter must be included with the order.


Even if you don’t wish to order bulbs, please check out our Instagram page, www.instagram.com/phsdaffodils.   A new post is added daily of unique varieties— all photos are taken in the field, as they are picked and held up for the camera. No grooming, no staging, no manipulation, and no filters.


(It should be noted for both the website and the Instagram page, that our photos are in fact taken in the most natural state possible, and as a result, the effects of the weather at the time of flowering often manifest on the blooms:  crêped petals from freezing and frost damage is not uncommon throughout our photographs. Please do not judge a flower’s potential for smoothness based on my photos only! 😎)


All best, and thank you for your interest,


Jason Delaney, PHS Daffodils



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