Jaydee Ager, Georgia

mentoring of ADS newcomers – always needed and this is especially a great time to do this!

March 25, 2020

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The back story is long, but I have reached out to two ADS members that want to learn and become competitive exhibitors.  The members are Ross Hornsby from Auburn, AL, and Dwight Curtis from Nicholsville, KY.

Dwight had a grand idea.  He wanted to send me images of his daffodils for me to “judge” them.  We started yesterday.  We have invited Ross to get in on this as well.
This is a unique opportunity to do this while we are all home bound and our daffs are all dressed up – with no place to go.
Daffodil Friends – please think about newcomers in your area that could use some similar mentoring.  Give Dwight Curtis the credit for this brilliant idea!
Go for it and stay well, 

Jaydee Atkins Ager

One response to “mentoring of ADS newcomers – always needed and this is especially a great time to do this!”

  1. Lewis Turner, Maryland Lewis Turner, Maryland says:

    This is an excellent suggestion.  I remember when I went to one of my first Daffodil shows, Dr Bender showed me a few showman tips.  Those tips helped me be a better exhibitor and resulted in a few ribbons. Nothing replaces personal in person contacts, but use of pictures could be very helpful, especially in a time like this.