Lewis Turner, Maryland

Weed killer and daffodils

May 21, 2020

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Weed Control

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Question–My wife and I were taking a walk in our Town Park here in Walkersville, Md today.  We observed that this year they used weed killer around the edges of some areas-ie rocks–and some daffodils were planted near rocks to keep them from being cut.  It appears that some of the daffidils may have been sprayed with the herbidice that was used, or had some drift from the spray hit the leaves.  Those leaves were turning brown, in some groups, some of the daffodil leaves were still green, but a significant number were turning brown.  This raises the question, Will weed killers like spectricide or something similar kill daffodils?  

I have written the park maintenance people every Spring early April, not to cut the daffodils back until after Memorial Day.

Now, my wife and I have observed another issue that we had not seen used at the park.  Herbicide to control weeds.

It seems like a never ending battle to protect the daffodils.

Any thoughts about Herbicide and daffodils?

One response to “Weed killer and daffodils”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio says:

    It depends which herbicide was used.  Round Up will kill everything it touches.  Weed B Gon kills broadleaf weeds in the lawn, but doesn’t affect the grass.