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New addition to Dafflibrary

We’ve just added Roberta Watrous’s handwritten hybridizing records from 1944 to 1984 to You can find them under “Hybridizing, 1951 to 2000” and under “People.”  Roberta was the first person…

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Daffodil Registration–a Reminder

Friends, If you live in the U.S, and are planning to register a daffodil name this year, you need to get your registration forms to me by June 15, for forwarding…

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It’s not over ’til it’s over

A week or so ago, I posted photos of what I thought were the last of my daffodils for this year.  However, it cooled off again, so today I think…

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End of the season

It has been 80 degrees the last few days, and the remaining daffodils have been wilting in the heat.  I picked some to bring inside to enjoy.  These are always…

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Split-cup poet

A couple weeks ago, Steve Vinisky posted a photo of a split-cup poet.  One has also appeared in my garden.  It’s been stable for several years, and the only breeding…

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Color code this one!

April 16, 2013

It has been very warm and windy here today, and most everything is opening, giving windblown flowers not at their best.  A light overnight rain would be welcome.  I was picking…

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