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Not a daffodil – but flowering with Mini daffs.

February 28, 2012

Not a daffodil but – Four images of a really beautiful Ruksans listed snowdrop – G. ‘Poculi Perfect’. So distinct, without any hint of green on the inner petals. I…

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winter flowers

Just imagine any plant creeping, crawling and crying for LIGHT in California???

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Seedlings from viridiflorus – III

And pruning, Bob!

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Bulbo. species

Two Bulbocodium Section species. N. tenuifolius as the name implies has very fine foliage and is a neat small plant of deepest gold. It grows in rocky crevices in southern…

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Influence of N. hedraeanthus

Many of the Moroccan bulbocodiums are too tall and need staking. I’ve been using really small N. hedraeanthus as my “stem shortener” and in 3366 it has worked beautifully, the…

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bulbocodium seedlings

Some N. bulbocodium seedling selections – the influence of stated N. hedraeanthus is not obvious – in fact I suspect open pollination in most cases. Brian

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