The fertility of species and named daffodils.

Winter 2017

As Graham has remarked it’s been a dry frosty winter here in Canberra. End of winter is in sight with the first pseudonarcissus and jonquilla in flower. There are some…

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Erlicheer and White Pearl

The  daffodil  season  is  moving  slowly  in  New  Zealand  and  most  areas  had  a rough  weekend  as  a severe  southerly front  moved  up  the  country . My  cutflower  numbers  for …

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Open Pollination

July 8, 2017

  My first steps as a hybridizer were to cross standard daffodils. I read in the literature that it is not necessary to prevent open pollination because only 1 to…

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A Beginning in Hybridizing The year 2017 was a successful year in my producing of daffodil seed from many of my crosses but not all.  Probably the words that I…

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Autumn 17#6

There is no obvious boundary between autumn and winter here. It sure feels like winter. There were enough flowers to pick a bunch for a friend’s birthday. The bunch includes…

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Autumn 17#5

Bulbocodium season has now started. The first of the viridiflorus hybrids has just finished which means it has lasted over 2 weeks.               A…

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