March 27, 2008

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Dave Luditch and Peter are both correct. Peter is correct when he says that the whole of New Zealand is considered to be a temperate climate. Dave is correct when he suggests variations within that.
The Waikato and Taranaki where Peter has grown his bulbs normally have wet and warm conditions. Ideal for flower quality. Nelson is drier but does not have extremes of temperature. Daffodils do well. Canterbury is dry and soil temperatures can be quite cold during winter and spring. We struggle to get stem height and condition in our flowers until the soil warms in late spring, often too late for the shows. Otago is also drier and cold whilst Southland has more moisture and warmer soil temperatures.
We get about 20″ rain per year yet at Otira, 85miles from here, they get 200″ per year. Maybe with a drought in many other areas of New Zealand this year there will be some equalisation on the show bench and greater empathy with Southern growers. A warm winter would help for me.
David Adams

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  1. John Hollever says:

    Well David just to make your day 100 k north of Wellington we have just had close to 50 ml over the last three days.