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Intermediates List Question

March 30, 2008

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In the ADS, ALL Intermediates are also Standards. Intermediates is a subset of Standards – namely, hose single-florets cultivars typically producing blooms in the size range 50-80mm. The decision to include Intermediates among Standards was made at the time that the concept of Intermediates was established. This allows Intermediates to be exhibited in classes for Standards. This is especially useful for such large collections of Standards such as the Quinn Collecton of 24, where the requirement for 5 Divisions causes the inclusion of relatively small cultivars from Divisions 5, 6, 7, and 9. Using Intermediates enables the exhibitor to balance the sizes of cultivars in the entry – and helps make the Quinn a pleasing set of blooms to view.

"Dwarf" is a description of plant size used in registering daffodils. It has nothing to do with whether the bloom of the cultivar gets included on a list of Intermediates or Miniatures. The registration Authority (RHS) has no concern with decisions made for exhibiting. The RHS just wants to know how big the plant will grow. (In registration, the RHS also asks for size of typical bloom.) In interests of compatibility, the ADS DaffSeek has also adopted this description of plant height.

The purpose of the ADS Suggested List of Intermediates is to help exhibitors select cultivars that typically will produce Intermediate-sized blooms (50-80mm) in their local area. Because the various regions of the USA have widely different climates, it cannot be guaranteed that a cultivar near the size borderline will produce Intermediate blooms in every region. Thus the word "suggested."

Notice that the ADS Intermediates List relates to bloom size; the DaffSeek height is for plant size. Of course, the Ideal Intermediate bloom would grow on a dwarf plant. Most do.

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At 10:33 AM 3/30/2008, you wrote:

Dear All:

I am wondering about the purpose of the ADS Intermediates List.  For example, some flowers on the list are considered "Standard", and some flowers on the list are considered "Dwarf".  What is the purpose of the intermediates list?  Do these flowers acually fall in between dwarf and standard, and that is why a separate category has been established?  Would the larger Dwarf potentially have a judging advantage, while the smaller Standard be at a judging disadvantage?

Thank you.

Dave Liedlich

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