Southern Hospitality in Central Mississippi

March 22, 2008

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Dear Daffnetters,

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Although I have been growing daffodils for years, I am fairly new to Daffnet and to exhibiting in shows. I feel compelled to “brag” on a group of people I had the pleasure of meeting in Clinton, Mississippi last week!  The Texas Daffodil Society show in Dallas was cancelled this year due to inclement weather just days before the show.  I e-mailed Loyce McKenzie of the Central Mississippi Daffodil Society on Friday to ask if it was too late to drive over and enter a few blooms in their Saturday CMDS show. Loyce was so sweet and said it was not too late. What nice folks they were! While busy trying to get their own entries in the show, Ted Snazelle, Mary Price and Loyce took the time to help this newcomer from Texas. They even invited me to stay for lunch. I wish to say thank you to them, and also to fellow TDS member (and ADS President) Rod Armstrong for his help at the show. I truly enjoyed talking to the exhibitors and CMDS members, and others coming out to Mississippi College to look at all the beautiful blooms. I hope the folks from Central Mississippi will come to one of our future TDS shows so that we can return the hospitality!


Ann Hibbs

Dallas, Texas


P.S. I too suffer from what my grandmother used to call “flower fever,” an ailment that she was very happy to pass on to me!

2 responses to “Southern Hospitality in Central Mississippi”

  1. Ian Tyler says:

    Hello Ann, Welcome to the support group! Ian

  2. Rod Armstrong says:

    Ann is too modest and her husband has to be a real champion.  Can you imagine coming home from work on a Friday afternoon and your spouse says I think we ought to drive seven hours to a daffodil show.  They pack the Van and their two young girls and arrive at their hotel 14 miles from Clinton at 1:30 am Saturday morning.  Ann arrives at the show at about 8:30.

    In addition to wining the Small Growers award and one of her daughters wining the Youth Award,  she had a bloom Scarlet O’ Hara, from the regular section, on the table for best in show.