Tom Stettner, Ohio

SWODS – Maroon Ribbon: Becky Fox Mathews

April 7, 2008

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The Maroon Ribbon for the best collection of 5 reverse bicolors was exhibited by BFM and included the following flowers:
Lemon Brook, Intrigue, Goffs Caye, Peppercorn & Pengarth. I’m going to take a little break here, but I also want to thank all the exhibitors as Mary Lou has mentioned. Without them, as Mary Lou said, we would not have been able to put on a show. Only the very earliest of flowers were open here among our local members. Also, I want to thank Liz Ragouzis for providing the lunch for our judges. She’s always been a great hostess!..

Thank you all for your compliments, I hope everyone enjoys the photos. I encourage ‘ALL’ who have an interest in photography, to help us out by posting photos from “Your” local show.


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