Keith Kridler, Texas

daffodils printed on leather

May 22, 2008

Category: General

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This is a pitiful photo of Chinese Sacred lilies printed on leather. When we were at Camp Verde near Fredericksburg Texas I found a couple of these framed prints done on leather or maybe they were originals done on leather. The name of the artist is Lisa Seely and the other print was one of paper whites. I did not buy them as they were about $60.00 each and the owner of the shop was not there so that I could take them down and really look at them….Just thought some of you all might know this artist but these really looked old. I could not tell if they were covers from an old book, cut away and framed or if there were other paintings of daffodils by this artist floating around out there. The detail of the photo’s was really good although the paintings seem to have suffered over the years or the oils in the leather are affecting the color of the original painting. Keith Kridler

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