George and Patty Bragdon

August 20, 2008

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Dear Friends in the wonderful world of daffodils…

I come to you with a sincere request.  The co-founder of the Virginia Daffodil Society, George H. Bragdon, is not well. The best way to say this is that George in not currently enjoying life as fully as he formerly did and I am terribly afraid he has a tough road ahead.  Due to George’s declining health, he and Patty moved into a retirement community just prior to this year’s ADS Annual Conference and Show that took place here in Richmond.  That is the reason why Betty and I agreed to take their place and hosted the “Box Lunch Bunch”, as we affectionately refer to the 3 buses of guests who arrived at our home in the middle of the thunderstorm for box lunches!  I know that many of you around the world know George and Patty, both of whom have served the ADS with distinction and dedication.  I would like for as many of you as possible to consider sending George a short note or get well card to their new home here in Richmond.  Here is the address:
George H. Bragdon
1940 Lauderdale Drive
Apt. 202
Richmond, Virginia 23238-3005
Thank you very much for considering this request.  George and Patty have been two of our strongest mentors and supporters since we joined the VDS and then the ADS and I am confident your cards and notes will be both well received as well as sincerely appreciated by both of the Bragdons.
Very truly yours,
Ross A. Hotchkiss, President
Virginia Daffodil Society
Richmond, Virginia

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