Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

a question, before I express some opinions—

September 11, 2008

Categories: Judging, Shows, Societies and groups

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Regarding this general international discussion, with all of these very true and often opposing points of view about the status and immediate-show-future of unnamed blooms:
Many of you out there belong to at least one, or perhaps several, other plant societies.

What happens, from your observations and experiences, in, say, the Rose Society or the Iris Society or the Daylily Society, if someone brings in an unnamed bloom?

Loyce McKenzie

One response to “a question, before I express some opinions—”

  1. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney says:


    For new and seasoned members alike, in all organizations, as it is observed we suggest that the flower is misnamed and, as we know the correct name, offer that information so that it may be corrected, entered, and still stand a chance.  I think at one point we’ve all mixed up a name or two and I for one greatly appreciate this helpful correction. I feel this is a responsibility as a steward of the Daffodil and its various organizations, to keep the channels of education and communication flowing especially when it entails proper nomenclature and a better chance at getting a blue ribbon.