Champion Bloom

September 29, 2008

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing, Seedling, Show Results

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Thank you Peter for posting a photo of 60/98A.  This seedling has an interesting history.  Some years ago Reg Cull stayed with us and while looking through our seedling beds he picked out a yellow red variety and insisted we enter it in the local show.  This flower subsequently was awarded Champion Bloom so we decided a suitable name for it would be Culfind.
The South Island Champion Bloom, 60/98A, was bred from Pacific Fire x Culfind.  Pacific Fire’s breeding is Solar Flare x Kasia.  Culfind is bred from Excalibur x Kasia.  It is interesting to note that one of the best 2Y-R’s of Jackson’s breeding that I ever had, Kasia, is the pollen parent in both of the grandparents of 60/98A.
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