Growing in Pots

December 13, 2008

Category: Growing Daffodils

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Sorry I for got to add Terry’s bulb frame, for all those who have not seen it before

2 responses to “Growing in Pots”

  1. Chriss Rainey says:

    What are Terry’s pots made of? Clay or plastic?
    What is the soil mix in Terry’s pots?
    What is the hardware on the edges of the Dutch lights, which I am assuming are the glass/plastic panels over the bulbs?
    When you lift the standard pots and tip out the grit, is it your intention to incorporate this grit into your soil? Is this granite grit, or crushed shells? Or something finer?
    Chriss Rainey

  2. Chriss Rainey says:

    Another question…..
    Are these beds built two blocks tall for ease of reaching them without bending over so much? Or for some other reason?
    And is the bottom of the bed filled with something other than the sand that fills the space between the pots?
    I built a raised bed here two years ago and I confess I used the bottom of the deepest end as a dumping spot for the large stones I turned up in the process. They acted as filler which saved me from needing too much “good soil” to fill the bed.
    I have been planting in green plastic berry baskets, which fit very neatly together edge to edge, but Evelyn Nock, a super miniature grower here in Virginia says she uses orchid pots. I’m tempted by her recommendation.
    Chriss Rainey