A closer view of Terry Braithwaite’s N. pachybolbus

April 9, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Species

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Mention was mader of Terry’s entry of the set of N. pachybolbus at
the Harrogate show in 2008. The same or similar flowers were shown
at the RHS late show in Wisley about three days later, where they won the
prize for best miniature. My photo is attached. Kirby also posted a shot
of the same set on Daffnet; see http://frodo.tackettblake.com/mailman/private/daffnet/2008-April/017231.html
and click the link for the photo.


2 responses to “A closer view of Terry Braithwaite’s N. pachybolbus”

  1. Marilyn Howe says:

    Hi John,
    Your photo of the exhibit at Harragate 2008 is not N. pachybolbus. I was unable to view Kirby’s photo.

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  2. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:


    Harold, Marilynn, Kathy, James, Roger, Mellissa, DAvid and others,
    Thanks for responding on this subject – though I’m still not sure if I would recognise an N. pachybulbos if I met it in the street, unless perhaps it had it’s bulb attached. I like the idea of rounder petals/perianth as a distinguishing characteristic but I’ve seen so many forms and sizes of N. papyraceus and perhaps the subsp. pannizzianus growing within feet of each other that if find these impossible to distinguish also. Most of us tend to call the smaller forms subsp. pannizzianus – but what of the ones intermediate in size. I note that Ben Zonneveld does make a slight distinction in DNA which may justify the distinction in size of flowers. His work on N. pachybulbos does not seem to help set it apart but he may not have had original stock from Algeria. I think, perhaps, someone needs to find stock from the classic site before this issue can be truly resolved. Anyone planning to spend Christmas in Algeria??? Incidentally I note that ‘pachy’ simply means ‘thick’  – whether the original description refers to the thick skin of the bulb or the thickness ie.circumferance I did not detect from the Latin and French descriptions as submitted by Marilynn.
    Melissa raised a whole side issue – definition of miniatures – I agree we have not got it right yet. I suspect that the flowers on top of a 3 foot high ‘Avalanche’ with a stem like a walking stick might qualify under the 50mm rule!! Not quite what we all visualise, eh? I’m afraid the same applies to some of the N. paps., pans.; and pachys.