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Daffodil Ribbons

April 27, 2009

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Short Story about ribbons at daffodil shows.

This past weekend, while supporting the Currituck County “Flower and Garden show” sponsored by the Master Gardener Volunteers of Currituck County that support and provide the ‘muscle power” for our daffodil show, we had a visitor come up to our booth and announced that they had come to our daffodil show in March and entered daffodils and that they had won a ribbon.  They announced that they had had a lot of fun and couldn’t wait until next year to come back and enter daffodils again.  They were very proud of the ribbon that had been won and had never exhibited before at a daffodil show. I mean they were happier than “Snoopy” when he was “dancing” in the air.  They said that they had posted a picture of themselves and their ribbon on their “My Space” account.

After a few minutes of “happy” talk Fran asked if it was a “Blue” ribbon, and the answer came back, “No!!! I won a white ribbon. I think it is called an Honorable Mention.”  That’s when I knew that I had become a “Daffodil Snob” when I only count my blue ribbons, and here was a new shower that was happier than a pig in mud that they had won a ribbon, regardless that it was a white ribbon.  It just lets you know that ribbons, any ribbons, are important to novices at daffodil shows.  It also demonstrates that people can have fun at daffodil shows regardless of what they win and we have fun at the Northeast NC Daffodil Show. 

Hummmmmm. . . next year I think we need to offer a novice class for those that have never won a blue ribbon.


Clay Higgins

4 responses to “Daffodil Ribbons”

  1. Vijay Chandhok says:

    Ribbons make a big difference for beginners but just looking at daffodils in area were none grew before, brings great joy. Attached is a picture of our very happy gardener and his wife with his first blooms of Ice Follies in northern India. Vijay

  2. David Adams says:
    Ah Tom,
    Here is Ice Follies bringing joy to the gardeners of India. I always knew there was a greater purpose for this cultivar.
  3. George Dorner says:

    During the Judges Refresher on the way to Oakwood Daffodils on Monday, the topic was oriented toward Wister and Pannill Award recipients. We polled the audience about use of these cultivars. When I read off Ice Follies, Bill Pannill took the microphone and stated something to the effect that “Ice Follies is the best daffodil ever hybridized.”

    I’ll let Bill defend himself.

  4. Clay Higgins says:


    Bill Pannill doesn’t need you to show ‘Ice Follies’ to take the blue ribbon away from you.  He can take the ribbon with you using your very best. LOL


    Winner of many “red” Bill Pannill Blue Ribbons.


    Clay Higgins