Early die-back of foliage

April 30, 2009

Categories: Basal Rot, Bulb Information, Diseases and Pests, Growing Daffodils

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In my garden, early die-back exactly like that in Mary Lou’s photograph has invariably been an indicator of basal rot. Unless dug right away and treated (I use a fungicide containing Cleary’s 3336) these bulbs seldom, if ever, survive and grow the following year. Even if treated successfully and then planted in another area less infected with fusarium, it may take a year or two before surviving bulbs reach flowering stage again. But it’s worth the try because–wouldn’t you know–it always seems to affect my good whites most! I’ve had some rather spectacular Homesteads for the past two years that survived this process/transition.

One response to “Early die-back of foliage”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Thanks, Bob. It’s what I suspected, and I’ll get the affected bulbs out of the ground tomorrow and into a Cleary’s soak–and hope it works for awhile. Mary Lou