April 28, 2009

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There are horrible floods near Houston.  They’ve had over 6″ of rain today.  Does Keith live near Houston?  He mentioned that they get these bad floods occasionnally. Hope he and Sandy are OK.

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4 responses to “Houston”

  1. Deborah Jordan says:

    Try 11 inches where I live in west Houston in 3 hours–no, Keith lives far from here. But you do have ADS and TDS members here.

  2. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    We hope all our ADS and TDS members are safe from flooding and from tornadoes that have been reported in Texas.
    Mary Lou

  3. Chriss Rainey says:

    One of my very good friends lives in the Houston area, where the land is flat.  Deep underpasses are built to allow traffic to flow.
    One of the greatest dangers when it rains this hard is the fact that underpasses can fill to the brim VERY quickly.  My friend was carpooling three teenagers to ballet class a couple of years ago and was stuck in afternoon traffic at the bottom of the underpass when the rain came. 
    At first all the women in the car thought the traffic would move, but even when it didn’t, being the girly girls they were, they were reluctant to get out of the car and get their hair wet and or mess up their cute shoes.  But within minutes the water was up to the side of the car and they had to crawl out the windows and wade to the side where they could climb out of the underpass.  When they reached the top and looked back the cars in the bottom were totally underwater and within minutes the water reached the top where they were standing waiting to be rescued. 
    The people with the most to fear in these situations are mothers with little children and infants who need to be carried and protected from drowning.  Yes, the underpasses have pumps but they either can’t keep up with the volume of water coming in, or they don’t work at all when they are needed and there is no time to call a repair man. 
    Chriss Rainey

  4. Deborah Jordan says:

    The main flooding was not the overpasses–it was a neighborhood that never floods about a half mile from me. I don’t doubt that the MSM focused on the underpasses though; anyone that lives in Houston for any length of time knows to avoid those. This particular area of town never floods because its newer–but we got all the rain (11″ in 3 hrs) and it tested the resovoir to the max. I’ve lived here for 20 years–it has NEVER flooded; but we are generally speaking the drier side of town.