MaryLou’s disease…

April 23, 2009

Category: Diseases and Pests

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I have it too, except last year it also hit a flower stalk in one plant, which was a grotesque malformation indeed I have assumed it was a vicious case of yellow stripe, which i have in some of my early rescued bulbs (which i have been slowly eradicating, sadly) I assumed it was the scythe-leaf formation ~ Ted: HELP

2 responses to “MaryLou’s disease…”

  1. John Pearson says:

      I think that you will find that the problem is caused by scale mites nibbling the leaf and stem margins inside the bulb earlier in the season.  Mary Lou’s picture shows typical scale mite damage.  The cure is Hot Water Treatment in July.
      Reference your heading “Mary Lou’s Disease”, I doubt whether she would acknowledge suffering from Scale Mite!!
    John Pearson

  2. Sara Van Beck says:

    hardeeharhar! only problem is I have it worse than she does! and i thought it was just fleas from the dumb cat… !!
    On a more serious note: How communicable is this? I don’t have a copy of Sir Ted’s disease book, so can someone fill me in? Also, the stem that was afflicted last year came in as extremely short and with no rigidity (so it appeared) – does that sound right for this diagnosis? If i’m digging out afflicted bulbs, do i run the chance of leaving mites in the soil that will migrate to nearby plants?
    thanks in advance…