Snail at Greenbank, Scotland, also daffodil ‘Loch Owskeich’

April 6, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Displays & Specialty Exhibits, General, Standards

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Hi all,
The snail is back again, 18 days on, bit more colour around.
This is one of the garden compartments at Greenbank, a National Trust for Scotland property in Glasgow.
Some 500 daffodils are on display, typically in clumps of 4 to 20.
I have included ‘Loch Owskeich’, liked the name, a loch in Wester Ross, north west Scotland.
It is close to Enard Bay. Some maps have it as Loch Osgaig, I think it is the same.
George Norris,  Scotland

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