Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Fw: Kath Dryden

May 25, 2009

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Daffnet members,
  I am pleased to do as Malcolm Bradbury requests and I share in the sadness at the passing of Kath Dryden who was a revered and respected member of the ‘Alpine’ community and a real enthusiast and excellent  grower of species daffodils. Alas, we have lost a real character who always had interesting, and sometimes potent, things to say. Like many others I will miss her. I bought my first species daffodils from her.
Brian Duncan

Dear Brian

Further to our telephone conversation this afternoon I would be grateful if you could put the attached note on to Daffnet for me. I have arranged for Rod Leeds to do a short obituary for the Yearbook and for Doug Joyce to provide a photograph to go with it.

Many thanks.

Best wishes



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