last day of Keukenhof 2009

May 21, 2009

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This week the Wakefield and north of England Tulips society held their 174th annual show at Keukenhof in Holland.
The flowers were shipped last weekend by ferry from Hull to Rotterdam.
They show  the tulips only on beerbottles and have several different classes. It was a beatiful show of old and virussed tulips..
Hein meeuwissen, Voorhout, Holland.

2 responses to “last day of Keukenhof 2009”

  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    If you grow those virused tulips, how do you prevent the virus from infecting all your other tulips? 
    Donna Dietsch
    Columbus Ohio

  2. Hein Meeuwissen says:

    Hello Donna,
    Actually we don’t want to grow these virussed tulips and do a lot selection work and kill greenflies in spring. I do however grow some really old tulips and the virussed ones end up after selecting in a vase in the house more then once for they are really beautiful. For me it was new that people have a show with these tulips. It is like in the 17th century when they paid most for the striped types. In this show they win awards with it.
    There was a bilboard explaining the history of the club and the rules of the contest. And what types you have in the tulips in the contest. No newer varieties can be in the contest.
    It was new to me and all looked very nice, I think these people have fun together.
    Best regards, Hein Meeuwissen, Voorhout, Holland