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May 24, 2009

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Hi Niels ..
  I have followed Bill Lees method in the past and it works very well.  I also do as Mary Lou does. I work for a Grocery chain and in years past, have just asked the produce manager, or assistant manager for any type of bag. I personally use the mesh bags that they put apples in.  The nylon material allows the bags to be used in any situation. If you need larger bags, then the potato bags would work well.
I was able to get these bags quite a few years back at no charge, but they are probably charging something for them now. The mesh bags for apples are great because I can put the freshly lifted clumps in those bags and tie them up with the leaves kept on the plant, THEN spray the bulbs off right away and put them in a dip of fungicide / insecticide before hanging them in a cool, dry location for the summer. That way, they are pretty clean when you go to remove the dried up leaves and put them in the ground in the fall. After they have been cleaned, then these same bags can be put directly into the hot water treatment system. Because of the nylon material, even while in the Hot Water Treatment, they stay in shape even with the addition of 10% bleach ! !

Good Luck

Mary Lou Gripshover wrote:

Hi Niels,
Bill Lee’s advice about digging bulbs was great.  I’ve also dug bulbs still in bloom and kept them laid out flat under the deck of the house until fall and planted them then.  This is probably not the best way, but it worked, and surprisingly there was lots of bloom the following year.  And the circumstances required it–a move from one house to another that had no garden at the time.
You might see if your supermarket would sell you bags that they package the onions and potatoes in.  I’ve done that in the past, and while the produce manager gave me a strange look, he did sell me some bags.
Mary Lou
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