Ben Blake, California

ADS Server Status

June 23, 2009

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During the past several days we have had a problem with a partition on the ADS server’s system disk.
Partitions are a way of organizing sections of a disk into useful subsections. The ADS server’s operating system protects partitions from corruption by dismounting them. The administrator is then expected to run utilities to repair the errors.
This is normally good, but these particular errors could not be repaired while the server was running because the partition in question is required to run the system. The ADS web site and several others as well as DaffSeek were intermittently down during the past few days because of this disk error.
The ADS server, which is located in San Francisco California, is running correctly now. Since Nancy and I are currently in Texas and will be for the next few weeks, a serious server failure could cause all the mailing lists such as Daffnet and Bodnet, all ADS and local society web sites such as, and DaffSeek to be down for possibly a week. This has never happened, but since we are 1,700 miles away from the server, it is still possible. If such an unusual event ever occurs, we can only say “we will be working on it.”
We do not want to put a negative spin on this, but while the server was down in the past few days, I realized I could not alert everyone because I did not have access to the mailing lists.

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