John McLennan, New Zealand


June 23, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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Yellow Gold  — the flower.
Perhaps its greatest asset is its ability to open well from tight bud.
Seldom do we see any colour in the paddock, — they are picked very hard and tight , usually  every secod day.
In a cold, frosty seasonas we are currently having, they are not long stemmed, hardly even mediums.
The banana stems will tell you  that they have been marketed dry , until they reach the retailer.
The buds in a vase in my lounge  —  note the upright pointing  flowers and good short neck  —  no goose necks
here.And once they are in a vase  —  THEY  ALWAYS  OPEN.
I have seen , grown and tested many cultivars for market potential, particularly their openning from tight bud
and Yellow Gold is up with the very best.

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