Searching for royalty

July 17, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Types, Historics

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I’m trying to find King Alfred, but not having much luck. Since I’m new, I’m probably not looking in the right places. However, I have been told that true King Alfred daffodils no longer exist…is this true? Can anyone help me find some? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Cindy Outen
Gloucester, VA

3 responses to “Searching for royalty”

  1. Linda Wallpe says:

    Cindy –
    Old House Gardens should be help to help you.
    Linda W.

  2. Carlos van der Veek says:

    Dear Cindy
    White Flower Farm offers the true King Alfred.
    We are the supplier of their bulbs and we do still grow a small stock of King Alfred.
    White Flower Farm buys them every year from us, they are the true King Alfred.
    you can find them at
    The stock is small so the quantity is limited si if you want to buy them do not wait too long because it might be sold out.
    Good luck

  3. Carlos van der Veek says:

    Yes it is