John McLennan, New Zealand


August 6, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, Hybridizer, Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi  Daffnetters, 
Spring  is  almost  charging  for a few  days for  most  North  Island  growers.  A  warm  norwesr front ,  no frosts ,
warm  nights  and  peaks for  the two most  well grown  commercial  daffodil  crops  —  1 Y  Y  Malvern  City  and  Erlicheer..
However ,I was  very  pleased  to  have a  visit  on  Wednesday  of  Graeme  Phillips ,  from Hamilton , on  of  the  biggest 
commercial  growers  in  the  country  ,also  a  leading  exhibitor  and  hybridist.
He  is  also  well known to many  West-coast  Americans  as he has visited  there  often.
A  couple  of  buckets  of  beautiful  seedlings  had  me keen  to  get  pollinating , but  the  day  was spent looking  at
the  garden,  flowers  and  seedlings .
First  visit  was  to  his former  Waikato  mate , Wilfred  Hall,
A long  look  at  Wilfs  tazettas,  and  deep  discussions  on  multiheaded  doubles ;more  on  the  forgotten  division later.

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