Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Sad news – Marie Parton

November 13, 2009

Categories: Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

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It is with great personal sadness that I write to let you know that Marie Parton from Western Australia passed away last Tuesday. In her passing daffodils have lost one of their most knowledgeable and devoted admirers. Born of a father (W.H. Loaring) who also bred daffodils Marie’s knowledge and experience extended back to daffodils bred at the beginning of the century and before. She had the original King Alfred. She had Seraglio. She had Princeps and Gayi and could tell the difference. An irrepressible collector she had a collection that spanned the 20th century. Not just daffodils but also catalogues, Yearbooks and journals. She collected species. She grew N. viridiflorus before it was fashionable. She never saw a daffodil that she didn’t love, yet had a sure eye for the finest and the best. She loved the past, present and future and was ready to share it with anyone who cared. She was a long time member and admirer of the ADS and many other daffodil societies and was a stalwart and inspiration for the Western Australian Daffodil Society for many years. She was a fastidious breeder but nevertheless could not bear to throw any of her children away. Some of her flowers have been registered but perhaps the best are still to come. My current favorites I have attached in her memory. My sympathy and condolences to her family, especially her children (Jenny Jamieson will be known to many of you), her grand children and her great-grand children. Lawrence Trevanion

One response to “Sad news – Marie Parton”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Lawrence, Thank you for the lovely tribute to Marie Parton. My condolences to Jennie, her family, and friends.
    Mary Lou