Keith Kridler, Texas


January 21, 2011

Category: General

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We had a really hard freeze Dec. 27 that ended up wiping out most of the tazetta blooms and buds. Early that morning everything was covered in frozen dew. I think what really harmed a lot of plants was we had such a quick sunrise and full sun all day long.
The Burford Holly shot was the first day of our snow storm Jan. 10th.
We went down to 18*F again last night or -8*C. This looks like we will have two colder than normal winters back to back for North East Texas. Keith Kridler

One response to “Frosty”

  1. Colleen Rourke says:

    And here we are in NE Calif. with highs in the 50’s and lows around in the high 20’s when we should be having our highs around freezing. We often have a false spring in Feb., but this is only Jan. so now we are wondering what is ahead. The Iris have put up a few leaves, but If this lasts for another week, we may see more untimely growth.
    Colleen in NE Calif.