weed solution?

May 8, 2012

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Hi Everyone –

Having spent considerable time trying to get rid of various weeds,
including knotweed, garlic mustard and ground ivy (creeping Charlie),
in different locations, I thought some might be interested in this solution.  : )


2 responses to “weed solution?”

  1. Clay Higgins, New Jersey Clay Higgins says:


    If you know of a couple hundred restaurants that want this menu, send them to my place. I’ve only started getting rid of the weeds and I’ve already carted off four wheelbarrows full. Got plenty more where that came from.

    Winter weeds took over this past winter. I wonder if it was because of the “winter we didn’t have.”


  2. Donna Dietsch says:

    I think you are right about the no winter season. I have much more weeds than before. Nothing was killed by the frost. I am up to my ears in weeds, too. Then there are the BUGS!!!