Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland

Not a daffodil

July 22, 2012

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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A newly purchased and much favoured plant for my garden – what is it? Please supply generic and specific name? I think it is a classic.


4 responses to “Not a daffodil”

  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland Brian Duncan says:

    Bingo!! Bang on! You got it exactly right – even with Latin specific epithet. Yes, it is a humble Leek that we did not eat in the winter and it is rewarding us with these lovely globes as it prepares to make seed.grown to seed.


  2. Robert Moore says:
    I’m very fond of Anemone rivularis too.
    Best Regards,
    Bob Moore in Ross-shire where the sun is shining today
  3. David Burdick says:

    Is the second photo Anemonopsis macrophylla?

    David Burdick

  4. Brian Duncan says:


    Well done – you got it! Anemone rivularis! What a lovely little plant it is. Maybe not so little if well grown. Though of modest size the flowers bear close scrutiny – just perfect.