John McLennan, New Zealand

Full moon over Daffs

August 31, 2012

Category: Landscapes and Naturalized Daffodils

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Hi  Daffnetters ,

just  practicing  adding  photos ,  full moon  poking  his  nose  above  the  Tararua  Ranges .

Taken  late  this  evening .

Not  sure  of  photo  size   Nancy  —  resising  tab  did  nothing  ,  couldn,t  check .

Should  I  have  done  that  first  .

A  little  confused  —  must  be  a  slow  learner .


Cheers  John .


3 responses to “Full moon over Daffs”

  1. Christine Durrill says:

    Oh, but that’s a lovely sight!


  2. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett says:

    Hi John,

    Daffnet’s photo size is less than 8 MB, which is practically limitless. For those of you who have not tried yet, click on John’s photo because a larger size will be displayed in a “lightbox” and it is breath-taking.

    It is a beautiful photo John!



  3. Becky Fox Matthews, Tennessee Becky Fox Matthews says:

    Beautiful! And I am able to view the photo full screen on my iPhone.