Harold Koopowitz, California

In sunny Southern California

January 22, 2013

Categories: Breeding, Hybridizing, Seedling

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My heart goes out to you in Minnesota but our temperatures are actually higher than normal.

Not quite sure what to do about these cheerful daffodils. They are mixed seedlings from the cross of Habit (a Jackson 1Y-Y) and Hunter’s Emerald Sea. There is nothing quite like them at this time of the year. Many have the impeccable Jackson perianths. Not quite sure how to classify them. They look like they belong in Division 2 W-Y, but usually have two or even three flowers to the stem. I hate to put them into Division 12. That’s where orphans end up. they are all similar enough that they could be registered as a group.

2 responses to “In sunny Southern California”

  1. Michael Berrigan, Minnesota says:

    In Minnesota, we were quite cold.  We survived and the plants in the greenhouse are awaiting above freezing temperatures to shed the dusting of snow we just received.  It is the lack of daylight that is my particular sore point.  Thank goodness for ample electrical lights.  Are any of these Habit seedlings particularly strong growers?  I have seen this type being slow mature and divide. A break here would be a great feature.  This type of flower is especially appreciated by me as they bridge the time between  the Fall bloomers and the miniatures, species and standards that are the traditional Spring bloomers.  Their fragrance is pleasant and appreciated in an enclosed space.  They are long lived in flower and do not take up too much pot space.

    Keep ’em  If you toss ’em, toss ’em myway


  2. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:


    Today in my garden I was admiring the exceptionally appealing blooms from the bulbs you gave me from this cross. I thought of a name for them:’Wintermediate’.