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ADS Photography at Columbus

April 28, 2013

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I am trying to recreate the list of ADS photography first place winners at Columbus from my hurried photographs. I missed a few details and am wondering if anyone can help fill in the missing pieces listed below in bold type.

First Place Class Winners, ADS National Show, Columbus, OH

Class P1. Love at First Sight — title of photo and photographer’s name–this was a photo of Ice Follies in front of a blue sky
Class P2.  A Walk in the Park — “Spoirot by the Garden Wall” by Kathy Andersen
Class P3.  Home Sweet Home — “N. Cantabricus” by Kathy Andersen
Class P4. Dinner Date — “Daffodil Arrangement/Bouquet” by Jackie Turbidy *and Wells Knerim Best Photograph in Show
Class P5. Puppy Love —  “Do I complement the daffodils” by Melanie Paul
Class P6. Center Piece —  “Still Life with Daffodils” by Melanie Paul
Class P7. Double Date — I missed this one completely–were there entries?
Class P8. The Old Homestead — “Historic Daffodils” (Beryl) by Melanie Paul
Class P9. The Heart of It All — “Leitha at Lawrence” by Becky Fox Matthews

Congratulations to the winners and if anyone can supply the missing details for Class P1 or Class P7, I’d appreciate it!

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