Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Convention Pictures Needed ASAP

April 20, 2013

Categories: American Daffodil Society, Daffodil Enthusiasts, General

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I saw so many active photographers in Columbus last week. Now there’s a great need for sharing quickly, for the June Journal, which has a special early deadline.

The show winners are well in hand (I trust). But what about the people pictures and the landscape scenes? People in twos or threes, enjoying events. (I’ll help with identifications, if needed.) All the extras–the Governor’s Mansion and Inniswood, then all the garden stops and the grand dinner on Saturday. Landscapes don’t necessarily have to be the big picture; vignettes are great, too.

Would you please contact me directly right away, to tell me what is possible; I need to start putting things together May 2, and with all this color potential, it’s a shame not to show the complete joy of a great event.

Loyce McKenzie

Don’t say, “but I only have ONE really good picture.”  That might be everyone’s favorite memory. And if you own one of the many cameras clicking in celebration of Kathy Andersen’s award, I want to see your best shot. An appropriate picture of a great lady receiving a well-deserved honor.

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