Kirby Fong, California

New Zealand Prize at the 2013 ADS National Show

April 2, 2013

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One of the “must enter” classes at the ADS national shows is the New Zealand collection – five standards bred in New Zealand. Brogden Bulbs has once again donated the prize this year. Each exhibitor in this class will receive a bulb of ‘Showdown.’ The exhibitor of the best collection will also receive bulbs of ‘Fencourt Jewel,’ ‘Mountain Snow,’ ‘Trudith,’ and ‘Elizabeth May.’ The winning exhibitor also receives a wooden goblet. Awards for other 5-stem collections are ribbons or perpetual trophies, so the New Zealand prize is clearly the most useful award for a 5-stem collection. So start saving your New Zealand cultivars in your refrigerator in order to enter a collection next week. You’re probably aware of newer New Zealand cultivars that you’re growing, but do you grow ‘Backchat,’ ‘Bandit,’  ‘Crimpelene,’ ‘Dear Love,’ ‘Declare,’ ‘Demand,’ ‘Ebony,’ ‘Erlicheer,’ ‘Gweal,’ ‘Lenz,’ ‘Lordship,’ ‘Lynx,’ ‘Modulux,’ ‘Rondo,’ ‘Sea Dream,’ ‘Springston Charm,’ ‘Stormy Weather,’ ‘Stylish,’ ‘Tinkerbell,’ ‘Tracey,’ ‘Trelay,’ or ‘Trena?’ These are all New Zealand cultivars that were registered in 1980 or earlier and are probably growing in the U.S. So it might be easier to assemble a New Zealand collection than you thought.

One response to “New Zealand Prize at the 2013 ADS National Show”

  1. Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand Peter Ramsay says:

    Hi Everyone

    Please remember that there is also the NZ Gold Medal which is given to the winner of the NZ Class. This medal has been donated by the New Zealand Daffodil Society and is retained by the winner. Kirby was the first winner of the medal at Murphys in 2010. So go for it!!!!

    Lesley and Peter