Seed Giveaway-FREE of charge!

May 27, 2014

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To anyone–both International and USA:

If you are interested in tazettas or poetaz I have extra o.p. seeds available FREE of charge!

3 categories:

1) Fertile tetraploid poetaz (bred from tetraploid Klondyke, Yellow Butterfly, Matador, Matador x (Autumn Sol x Ballymarlow)–as a bonus some of these seeds are from crossing with many other things this year including Viridiflorus hybrids)

2) Triploid/tetraploid true tazettas (bred from Grand Monarque, Avalanche, Autumn Colors, tetraploid paperwhites, and my tetraploid conversion of (Autumn Colors x Paper White)–some of these also I crossed with other things this year.

3) Autumn Colors (VERY diverse diploid autumn and winter blooming in the whole range of tazetta colors, selected over MANY generations originally bred from wild forms of N tazetta plus N elegans as well as from numerous unnamed heirloom old Dutch tazettas as well as Newton, Autumn Sol, Soleil d’Or, Gloriosus, etc.)–and for those so inclined, there should be among them some miniatures or near miniatures from N. elegans.

Please contact me directly at:


Best wishes,

Bill the Bulb Baron (William R.P. Welch)

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William R.P. Welch, 1031 Cayuga Street Apt B, Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA (831) 236-8397

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  1. Bill Carter, Washington Bill Carter, Washington says:

    I to will be collecting extra OP seeds.  Glad to send seeds at no cost to any aspiring daffodil breeder.  Send email to  title=