Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Crystal Blanc and New Penny

June 10, 2014

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New Penny is a highly regarded 3Y-Y that seems certain to establish itself into daffodil pedigrees.

02 268 11sm 10 247sm 11 259 Sm

02/268 = New Penny x Badbury Rings

10/247 = 02/268 x (Citronita x Nynja)?

11_259 = 02_268 x (Dateline x Banker)

There are no registered progeny of Crystal Blanc in Daffseek.

09 287sm 10 171sm 10 321sm 11 184sm 12 104sm 12 108sm 12 119sm 12 163sm 12 270sm

09/287 = Crystal Blanc x (Lemon Haze x Nynja)

10_171 = (Glissando x Crystal Blanc) x (Alimony x Bonus Bond)

10/321 = Crystal Blanc x (Gold Convention x Redlands Too)

11/184 =(Qantasia x Quasar) x {Gossamer x Audabon – Parton) x Crystal Blanc)

12/104 = 2Y-P x (Glissando x Crystal Blanc)

12/108 = {Crystal Blanc x (Chiloquin x Impeccable)} x {(King’s Ransom OP) x Altun Ha}

12/119 = Crystal Blanc x {Capree Elizabeth x (Gypsy Rose x Freedom Rings)}

12/163 = Crystal Blanc x {Capree Elizabeth x (Gypsy Rose x Freedom Rings)}

12/270 = Crystal Blanc x {Lady Slim x (Loophole x Merry Princess)}

This, for me, is a marvellous legacy. My thoughts to his friends and family.

Rest in peace.

One response to “Crystal Blanc and New Penny”

  1. Robert Darling, Washington DC says:

    We will not soon leave Bill behind us with such a lovely legacy still to reveal.   Thanks Lawrence for the gift we look forward to them soon in our northern gardens!