Lawrence Trevanion, Australia

Early Winter report

July 1, 2014

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Winter, so far, has been extremely mild with green leaves still on the oaks and roses trying to flower.

The paperwhites are still respectable.

This is probably a paperwhite dubius hybrid.

10 06W 14sma

This is a nice specimen of N. panizzianus OP (probably selfed). The original was from seed from Michael Salmon. It suggests that panizzianus and pachybolbus can be quite close in appearance.

10 01W 14sma

It is amusing to put it against a large bulbocodium.

10 01W 14 27B14 28Bsma

The bulbocodiums are always pleasing this time of year.

07 08B UNTSHENsm 08 74B 14sm

Gradually the perianths are getting broader.

14 29Bsm 14 12Bsm 14 11VBsma

Another monster has flowered, this one a little more challenging than 14_05VB.

14 14Bsma

The viridiflorus hybrids continue to delight. This Viriquilla x Virivest seedling is a little starry perhaps but it does have presence.

12 01MJ 14

03_19MJ was a yellow viridiflorus hybrid. Onto Viriverse  it has improved somewhat and produced a large flowered seedling that is putting up a series of spikes. This flower (1st of July) sits below a fairly mature seedpod and below it is an emerging stem.

13 07MJ 14sm

13_07MJ on the 16th of May.

13 07MJ 14sma

A nice set of  early jonquilla are also flowering. 01_01J is from Bill Welch seed – henriquesii x Early Louisiana.

01 01J 14sm 11 16J 14sm


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