Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

Weather report???

August 12, 2014

Category: General

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Daffnet is quiet because this is the “bridge” season for us.

But I wish some, several, many of you on the West Coast, from Irvine to Oregon, would let us know specifically (not generally–we can get that fearsome news from the Weather Channel) what your weather is really like, including the nearness of all these wildfires.

Once you become a part of the daffodil world, you never watch the Weather Channel the same way again, here or abroad.

Loyce McKenzie, the very upper range of Zone 8, where it is very hot, but lots and lots of rain.


2 responses to “Weather report???”

  1. Harold Koopowitz, California Harold Koopowitz, California says:

    This has been one of the warmest years on record.  There have been several monsoons coming from the South west so we are having higher humidity than usual. Most of the rain and the fires miss us. The soil in the daffodil boxes has been quite warm and dry. I cannot predict when our autumn season will start for this year. But we are in a drought situation and water restrictions have not hit us yet.

    Steve’s dahlias are in full bloom and my orchids seem to be doing well.



  2. David Adams, New Zealand says:

    Talking of drought I was speaking at a garden club yesterday and heard this piece of advice.

    Potted plants need water and feeding. When boiling vegetables nutrients leak out into the water used for cooking especially starches from potatoes. When cooled and used to water the potted plants this recycled water provides food and irrigation for the plants. Would someone please confirm the validity of what seems to be very good advice for those where water is in short supply.