The Dream and the Reality

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Two of my daffodil fields today. First year down planting closest to the camera. Season is about three weeks behind normal

Hi Folks,

Each year we show our flowers and determine that next year we will win every class. We will fertilise and look after our bulbs so that nothing will be left to luck. And then this.
Tomorrow is the North Island National and the local Riccarton Show. As you can see there is not a lot to pick from. All those dreams and determinations have been thwarted by nature. It will be disappointing too as the South Island National at Woodend is considered a local show. Oh well another 12 months to dream.


6 comments for “The Dream and the Reality

  1. David
    What is the problem? Too little rain? Too cold? Poor soil? We have years when our large daffodils are hopeless because it is too dry but when it is dry our miniatures do really well. I am sure that some miniatures need to think they are going to die before they flower well.

  2. Graham,

    Very dry. El Nino we are told and the coldest winter for many years. The miniatures are great. I am pleased that some one else subscribes to the theory that, on many plant species, we only get flowers when the plant is stressed. Cyclamen are a good example. If we treat them well we love them to death.

  3. Dave,

    A saying here in the U.S.  Eleven months of dreaming followed by one month of disappointment.



  4. Oh, Dave,
    That is SO awful!  I remember our convention in Chicago.  Few things were in bloom when I left, so I anticipated a couple of good shows when I returned.  After only five days, the flowers had come up. bloomed and died.  So I do have empathy, and sympathy.  Is nothing up yet?  A little mixed metaphor here — When life hands you lemons, pollinate!
  5. David, I am so envious. You got your September Journal the same day I got mine, in Mississippi!
    Loyce McKenzie

  6. Hi All,

    Thanks for the comments and the deep meaning some can get out of this situation. Our greatest thrill was to win the miniature championship and best vase of miniatures at the National. Apart from Divs 6 and 8, picked from under the trees, the miniatures, pot grown in a shade house were all we had. Some times it is the little things that give us the greatest rewards.


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