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Diamond and gold dust

October 21, 2015

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A few years ago John Hunter posted on Daffnet some comments about gold and silver dusted perianths.

He referred to a short article in The Daffodil Journal Vol. 48 #4, June 2012 p.308 about what causes diamond dusting, which in turn was based on a Daffnet discussion.

Across these conversations Brian Duncan conjectured that it is physical and has something to do with the cellular make-up and this was supported by Harold Koopowitz.

John Hunter commented that the effect probably comes from poeticus and that it is easy to find in 3W-W’s but much less so in div. 1,2. He identified Sea Dream 3W-W as example and named Marksman as the best example in 2Y-O.

A couple of years ago I posted a picture of a 2W-W that had diamond dusting in the trumpet.

Earlier this year I posted a striking bulbocodium including pictures of its microscopic cell structure.

This supports Brian’s and Harold’s view of diamond dusting. It suggests that an undulating cell structure can scatter sunlight in the way rippling water does. As a matter of interest the trumpet of 13_125 2W-W was put under the microscope. While nowhere near as dramatic as the bulbocodium 15_15VB there are hints of the same feature.

13 12515_15VB

The 2W-W is proving to be consistent in this characteristic and another yellow trumpet has been identified.

14_252 13_125 13_125a

I can see no particular source of this effect in the yellow trumpets. The parents of the the 2W-W, Dayton Lake and Melissa Ann both have the characteristic to a slight extent.

Other whites include Silver Kiwi and a flower that I’m sure is Gough. Gough, bred from Ross Glover’s Mission (Easter Moon x Lady Slim)  hints that these flowers might be useful parents.

Silver Kiwi Gough

I have just obtained Jackson’s Ingenue and it is quite striking. Hopefully fertile sparkling 6W-W’s and 6W-P’s are not too far down the track.


Other pinks include Hopetoun, Brooke Ager and Brian’s Favorite.

Hopetoun Brooke Ager Brians Favorite


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