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Rose of Sharon

October 13, 2015

Category: Daffodil Types

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Dave and Daffnet,

Sara van Beck asked me to forward this on.   Here you go!

Hi Dave –

For my book Daffodils in American Gardens, I spent quite a bit of time researching the subject because all plant societies want to claim to be “the flower,” and in the Bible Belt of the American South, Biblical references are rather important

I came across a lengthy discussion as to how the native tazetta was the flower in question, based upon linguistic evidence

As far as what species are native to Israel, apparently N. tazetta subsp tazetta and N. serotinus are the two natives. The tazetta is considered a protected plant, but N. serotinus is on the threatened/endangered species list, and is under active protection/conservation.

Last year I saw two Israeli postcards on eBay of the native tazetta


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  1. David Adams, New Zealand says:


    Please pass on my thanks to Sara.

    Daffnet is so wonderful to us. I asked a question and within hours had John Hunter writing and saying that he had bulbs from seed sent direct from Israel. Two days before that Niels had cycled amongst the bulbs in flower and now we have researched info from Sara. This forum is a great asset to us.