N.I. National Division 3 and 4 Premiers

September 20, 2016

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Children staging their flowers for the tenth and last Schools Competition. There were four schools that have competed and there are some that have continued their interest in daffodils.

Photo No 5140, Children with Graeme Miller starting to stage their flowers.

Division 3 premiers

3Y-O/R, Photo No 5211, Hot & Spicy, exhibited by Fisher Nurseries

3W-Y, ” ” 5213, New Life, exhibited by G. & F. Miller

3W-O/R ” ” 5275, Seedling PR 15:7a, exhibited by Fisher Nurseries

3 W-W, ” ” 5219, Muto, exhibited by G. & F. Miller

4 Y perianth ” ” 5220, Ballistic, exhibited by G. Phillips

4 W perianth ” ” 5225, Party Girl, exhibited by Fisher Nurseries

Robin and Ian from Fisher Nurseries had the largest number of flowers to stage and were helped by Lesley Ramsay and two others and were putting their last flowers up as the judges were called.

Ron Tyrrell

Img 5140Img 5211Img 5213 Img 5275Img 5219Img 5220Img 5225

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