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Around the Show

September 21, 2016

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I accidentally left my camera at home re-charging so my Canberra show report this year is limited. One named flower that caught my eye that I had not seen before was Ian Dyson’s ‘Ettamogah’. It has a strong yellow perianth, as in his photo on daffseek, but with a well contrasting white cup.

I did take a few snaps of Graham Fleming’s big bulbocodiums (not miniature) prior to judging.

Keira bulb

Graham had some nice miniature 7Y-P’s and as always, the nicest non-miniature 5’s in the show, one of which was judged as best 5. A nice ivory 11aW-W of his won best 11. This fragment from a photo gives some idea of the 5’s.

Keira 5w y

Graeme Davis won champion standard seedling, and best trumpet as I recall, with a nice 1Y-Y.

I had a stellar show. Grand Champion was my 04_171 Capree Elizabeth x (Crystal Blanc x Daydream), photographed here with a buddy after the show. The muted color didn’t please everyone and the rushed color coding of 2Y-P was thought to be a little optimistic.

04 171 16

It was my turn this year to win the miniature collection, of which I have no photo. It included Champion miniature which was a nice specimen of N. triandrus, a reminder, if it was ever needed, that the grace of the miniature species is hard to improve.

A nice apodanthi hybrid from N. marvieri 2Y-Y was awarded best miniature seedling in the seedling classes. The other two miniatures in the picture are a 10Y-Y from Gold Step and a 3W-O from (poet x alpestris) OP – a surprising result, but not a very good one in this case.

3 mini seedlings

To complete my day, Champion intermediate was 10_19E 2Y-Y. Unfortunately it is on its last legs in this photo.

10 19e 16

A favorite intermediate of mine is the lightly reflexed 12_10E 2Y-OY.

12 10e 2y oy

And as a special homage to Mike and Geoff Temple-Smith who passed away earlier this year, an intermediate bred from one of their seedlings.

14 06e 16

Lastly, is a photo of an array of splits that were scattered about the show.



3 responses to “Around the Show”

  1. Bob Spotts, California Bob Spotts, California says:

    Thanx for showing us some of the Canberra Show bench. It’s much appreciated.

  2. Graham Fleming, Australia Graham Fleming, Australia says:

    Here are a few more photos from the Canberra Show. The form of the Grand Champion was excellent but in terms of colour it was somewhat lacking compared to the best available these days.
    The highlight of the Show for me was the high quality poeticus bred by Tony Davis. They are simply outstanding and while one got best poeticus in Show they should have done much better than that. Lawrence also had some nice poeticus at the show but most were in a one container.
    Lawrence had some nice split cups. We have had a lot of rain and one of our seedlings that normally is more intermediate in size was standard sized this year and it was everything you want in a split.
    We had a good Brooke Ager and its pollen has been put to good use after the show.
    Lawrence mentioned our high quality Division 5’s. We have been breeding Division 5’s for a while and we are finally seeing the rewards.

    Brook ager

    Davis 27 14 poeticus seedling

    Gbfs new div 11 elevenses

    Kb 6w p seedling that is just a bit too big for miniature edited 1

    Kb 6w w seedling that was champion div 6

    Kb 11w p seedling that was champion div 11 edited 1

    Kb 11y y of good form

    Kb bh with nice scalloping edited 1

    Kiwi solstice champion div 4

    More large trevanion split cups

    Reserve grand champion tony davis 14 14

    Rondo x waikono

    Three large trevanion split cups

    Three trevanion split cups

    Trevanion 4y p seedling

    Trevanion 11y p seedling

    Waikono x rondo edited 1Rondo x waikono

  3. Andrew Carrington, Australia Andrew Carrington, Australia says:

    Hi Lawrence,

    A  photo I took of your Grand Champion.