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Inquiring minds want …

November 16, 2016

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In both the innovative bulb exchange at Indianapolis and in our sale at the Chicago Botanic Garden which included a number of bulbs dug at Oakwood Daffodils was a variety with a curious name:  Ogeesan Wally 2 W-O (1970) . It is from Lindsay Dettman in Australia. The 3 photos in Daffseek are all from Ken Fink. It’s pretty.

Anyone, probably Down Under, know the origin of this name? Some ADS heavies at Indy did not.



One response to “Inquiring minds want …”

  1. Rose Bradley, Illinois Rose Bradley, Illinois says:

    I posed this question to my non daffodil australian friends. Their answer was that ogeesan (ojisan) is japanese for ‘Uncle’.